LASRE Radon Mitigation / Suspended Slab on Grade

Description: The LASRE (Low Anticipated Swell-Radon Evacuation) floor system provides a radon mitigation system and a low profile concrete slab for low swell conditions where no movement can be tolerated.

Radon Mitigation: The continuous air chambers created by the LASRE forms allow for radon gas to be removed through a connected pipe and vented to the atmosphere. The need for underground pipe and gravel systems is eliminated. The LASRE forms are placed directly on basement sub-grade and take the place of the normal backfill.

Suspended Slab on Grade: The system is useful where native soils have been excavated and re-compacted but swell potentials up to 1.5% remain. A typical slab on grade exerts 44# per square foot of dead load. Since the LASRE slab has a contact area with the sub-grade of only 4.5% the concentrated dead load is 1,054 #. This increased dead load better resists soil heaving and what expansion does occur is contained within the 10” tall air chamber.

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