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Our Mission:

To design and build the highest quality structural floors and decks for the Colorado building community at a competitive price.

How do we do it?

We are the industry leader in cost effective innovative structural floor design. Specialized tractor trailers deliver the steel beams, steel joists and metal deck to the jobsite. Materials are hoisted with one of our two 23/12 ton cranes. Employees, not independent contractors, install the floor system. Our wholesale buying power translates into lower cost to the homebuilder.

Speed, Quality or Price...

The time worn axiom is "pick any two". Advanced Floor Concepts delivers all three. Every time.



Elevated Decks

●  Structural Floor – Steel Joist with a wood deck

●  Structural Floor – Steel Beams, metal deck and concrete

●  Structural Floor – Concrete slab over metal deck and structural void

●  Structural Garage Floor - Steel Beams, metal deck and concrete

●  Elevated Concrete Deck – Steel Joists, OSB, WP Membrane, Concrete

●  Under Floor Ventilation System – Crawl Space conditioning, mold prevention


Steel Beams, Metal Deck, Concrete

Steel Joist & Wood Deck

Sub Floor Ventilation System

Steel & Concrete Elevated Deck

About Us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality structural floors possible through innovation in design, efficiency in the field, and volume material purchasing programs. Our goal is to assist the home building community in dealing with the challenges presented by the expansive soils prevalent in Colorado.

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