Ventilation Systems

Problem: The crawl space under a structural floor is a perfect environment for the growth of mold, mildew and fungus.. Add rain, snowmelt and stagnant air during the course of construction and the area is ripe for growth. It can be months between the completion of the structural floor and building dry-in. Ventilation of the floor follows later but by then, the problem can be out of control. Current ventilation systems are inadequate, ineffective and leave areas unventilated. The legal issues surrounding air contaminants represent an enormous potential liability for building contractors.

Solution: The Omega-Flow system provides uniform evacuation of the air in the crawl space with a separate air intake for each 200sf of crawl space area. At 243CFM at zero static pressure in a 2000sf basement with a 24” crawl space this equates to over three air changes per hour when the fan is running. Actual performance may vary. The system operates from the moment the structural floor is completed eliminating moisture buildup and reducing or eliminating organic growth during the course of construction. When the heating contractor moves on-site, he merely extends the temporary vent to its final location, the electrician hard wires the fan and mounts the controls. The system will fit or retro-fit any type of wood or steel or concrete structural floor. The system is also highly effective at radon evacuation.


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