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Elevated Concrete Decks
  • Attractive, durable and virtually maintenance free
  • Comparably priced with redwood or synthetic wood decks
  • Patio below is protected from the rain and snow
The perimeter of the deck is framed with Wide flange beams. The joists are 10” 16 ga Galvanized steel at 16” on center.
The wall attachment is 10” track Lag bolted to the rim joist. Steel Joists are secured with L70 framing Angles. Deck is 23/32” OSB.
The deck is covered with a 60 mil EPDM Waterproof membrane making the under- Side suitable for recessed lighting and soffit.
Choose gray or colored concrete For the deck surface. Either way This deck is beautiful, maintenance Free and functional. Add radiant heat For automatic snow removal.
General Description:
The deck is constructed by connecting high strength galvanized steel joists to perimeter beams and decking the structure with 3/” OSB. A 60 mil waterproof membrane is installed over the OSB with flashing at the building and deck edge. Gray, colored or patterned concrete is placed over the membrane to a depth of 3-1/2” and reinforced with welded wire mesh. The deck edge incorporates a slight overhang to keep water off the facia. The exterior of the deck and the underside of the deck
framing are ready to accept any finish treatment the builder or homeowner selects.


Perimeter Beams: W10 x wide flange beams supported by 3” SCH 40 posts, Both sides of the beam are wrapped with 10” 16ga steel track to provide attachment for the steel joists on the inside and stone, stucco or wood on the outside.

Steel Joists: and Track: 10” 16ga Galvanized 50 ksi steel as manufacture by Dietrich Industries.

OSB Decking: 22/32” T&G OSB as manufactured by Louisiana Pacific or Weyerhauser.

Waterproof Membrane: 60 mil EPDM rubber membrane as manufactured by RPI Inc. or equal. Membrane is secured to the substrate with adhesive according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and extended up the building wall 12”.

Concrete: 3-1/2” natural, colored or patterned concrete with 6x6/ 1.4x1.4 WWM at mid depth. Slight overhang with flashing at deck edges to shed water without damage to exterior treatments.

Design Criteria: Dead Load 58#/sf, Live Load 60#/sf (snow, occupants and fixtures)
Deflection: Negligible. Deck is sloped 1/” per foot for drainage.

Can be heated with in- floor circulated hot water for year around use.

Pricing: Varies with individual layouts but comparably priced with redwood or synthetic wood decks. 

Quotations include:
installation, all steel beams, steel joists, mono-posts, fasteners, concrete, reinforcing steel, welding, hoisting and engineering. Stamped drawings are on site at the time of installation with an
additional two sets delivered to the builder for inspection or record purposes.

Exclusions: Railings and stairs

God Loves You!

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